[Facebook] – New feature for Pages

[Facebook] – New feature for Pages

Did you spot it yet?

Just switched over to share one of our blog posts onto our Facebook page and there were new options available for posting types

6 Facebook Post Options

facebook post types

As they say themselves

“Introducing new post options to help you connect with your customers and get the results you want.”

We haven’t seen any of this on the newsreels or with the usual suspects when it comes to Facebook innovations.

We think it is a simple update which is more powerful that you might first suspect.

For big business or agencies its a no-brainer. We know what the purpose of each post should be and the effects on reach if the wrong call to action is married with the wrong type of post so we feel this ‘tweak’ will be of huge benefit to the many millions of people running pages part-time for small business.

Purpose of Update

Helping you identify the purpose of your update will assist with the mind-frame and wording of the post.


We’ll explore the different posting options shortly. For now we just wanted to advise you of the changes.

Change is good!


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