Trudo Case Study : Video Sherpa

Video Sherpa Web

There are a couple of things we love here in Trudo, one is Video and the other is Innovation, so when Anna and Andrew from Open House Video Marketing Ltd came to us back in 2016 with their vision of how video marketing for businesses needed to be and the tools they wanted to create to deliver it, we jumped at the chance to get involved.

Their vision involved providing businesses with the tools and technology they needed to enable them to create day-to-day video marketing content, without having to hire expensive videographers.

So we combined our technology experience with their vision and set about building a product offering that they could bring to the market to deliver the vision. After a short and intense period of working with the dynamic duo to gather requirements, prioritise, prototype and evaluate the technology options, we proceeded to ramp up a development team to deliver on their vision.

What we wanted was a straightforward system that would simplify the video production process as much as possible for our target users, while at the same time ensuring the end product matched what would be produced by high end videographers. We had a vision of what we wanted to produce but with Andrew and I coming from non IT backgrounds it was difficult for us to realise our vision. William and the team at Trudo made life easy, simplified the tech into plain and simple English and worked with us to deliver and refine our offering.” says Anna Downes CEO of Open House Video Marketing.

The initial offering involved building a set of native iOS and Android mobile apps as well as an Online Video Editor and Management Suite delivered on the Microsoft Azure platform. All of which combined, guided the user through the video capture and production journey in a couple of mouse clicks and screen taps.

Launched in the summer of 2017 it delivered on the original vision of allowing  users to easily and quickly create their own branded content. The product also contained a number of unique features that the market place loved, such as the ability to automatically create a social highlights videos, direct emailing customers and custom templates to name but a few.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 as their customer base grew, we continued to work closely with Open House Video Marketing to refine and deliver on their product roadmap. With the benefit of market feedback we were able to refine the product roadmap. What emerged was a broader approach with an enhanced set of features designed to facilitate scaling the business and tapping into a more global market place.

So in early 2019 Trudo set about designing and defining an enhanced tool set; apps and cloud platforms to deliver on this global ambition. Adding algorithms and intelligence to streamlined shot capture, social integration, video libraries, custom intros and audio as well as audit and workflow to put in their hands a comprehensive platform to scale and deliver to their international market.

The journey with Video Sherpa has allowed us to combine our core technology proficiencies which, coupled with our expertise in video production and commitment to innovation, has allowed us to deliver a global platform for our customer. We are very proud to be the technology partner for such an progressive and visionary organisation.

Working with innovators and helping them realise their vision is what drives us on.