Innovation : AtlanTec Virtual Festival of Technology

Innovation is such an integral part of the human condition and we all aspire to innovate and accelerate, particularly in the technology sector.  What we usually see on a regular day, week, month,  year are incremental innovations and then from time to time we get monumental events that drive radical innovations. We see ourselves living in that time where radical innovations are happening, it is somewhat a shame that it takes a crisis like Covid-19 to focus the mind and bring people together to light these fires.

We’ve all heard the “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and for sure this is true if you have the right culture the skies the limit and in my mind it is one of the cornerstones for radical innovation. The other key factor that underpins both culture and ultimately our ability to innovate is people and the right mix of people. The final factor and in any innovation system has to be the cause, the why; why are we doing it.. what is the ultimate goal and benefit to ourselves and society as a whole.

Some industries lend themselves better towards innovation than others. Education for one is always one that ends up playing a bit of catch up. The conference sector is also one that historically has been slow to change its ways, probably as a result of its close roots in education.

At Trudo we have been privileged to be part of an innovative culture underpinned by amazing people since we got involved in the AtlanTec Festival back at its inception in 2015.  In my mind, and perhaps I am a little biased here, the AtlanTec Festival is a leading innovator in the conference space. It possesses all the factors that are required to be disruptive; culture, people and cause. Driven by a desire to assist, grow and promote the technology community along the AtlanTec Corridor, it is led by exceptional people from ITAG and the grass roots of the technology community who have a culture of hard work, openness and innovation.

Since its inception in 2015 its grown from a one day conference to a full on festival, with a host of events covering and celebrating all aspects of the technology landscape. This week sees an amazing transformation with the festival becoming virtual. With Covid-19  the easy choice was to either postpone or cancel, but the people leading it said no, lets innovate, lets go virtual. The organisers proceeded to quickly gather 35 speakers from all around the globe to give back to the community through 25 events on a host of topics, AI, Cyber, Personal Development, Community and Digital Women. That has seen over 3000 registrations on the events from all around the world, from Australia to Canada and beyond.

Launched in the summer of 2017 it delivered on the original vision of allowing  users to easily and quickly create their own branded content. The product also contained a number of unique features that the market place loved, such as the ability to automatically create a social highlights videos, direct emailing customers and custom templates to name but a few.

At Trudo we have been proud to play our part in this celebration of technology on the AtlanTec corridor, it is a testament to what can be done if you have the right culture, people and cause.

So in early 2019 Trudo set about designing and defining an enhanced tool set; apps and cloud platforms to deliver on this global ambition. Adding algorithms and intelligence to streamlined shot capture, social integration, video libraries, custom intros and audio as well as audit and workflow to put in their hands a comprehensive platform to scale and deliver to their international market.