A little story about SEO the organic way

A little story about SEO the organic way

There is an overwhelming sense of urgency when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and social media management.

My mother (yours too probably) always says –

Patience is a virtue.

What she didn’t know is that, in social media terms, it is a virtue that pays off.

If you’ve been around social media platforms for a while you will not doubt have received offers to gain 100,000 new followers for $9.99 or similar type offers. This obviously appeals to a certain section of person otherwise these operations would not be in existence. Somebody is obviously paying for the service.

What’s the issue here?

Well, they don’t specifically tell you all the secrets to the ranking systems, but those of us working in and around websites, blogs and social media know that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc use various items (some say over 200 factors) in determining your ‘relevancy’ to search topics. Ignoring paid advertising, these topics (keywords) return results based on that authenticity.

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‘Relevancy’ is important when it comes to search engines. In one way it is a measure of how worthwhile your opinion is, how valued your ‘authorship’ is. In another way your relevancy is an indication to the credibility of the search engine returning results of a search.

If your content is not relevant to the terms of a search input, the engines are going to have egg on their face. After all there is no point searching for one thing and being delivered something unconnected.

So how does Social Media help with SEO?

Organically is the short version of the answer.

Your activity on social media, the amount of real people that interact with you, who like, share, retweet your content all contribute to your ‘relevancy’. The more you are seen to be knowledgeable and informative on certain subjects the more the search engines will likely trust your content. The more your content is trusted the more likely it is to be ‘served’ to people and so on, it is a circular flow of information.

SEO cycle with Social Media

Where the “buy your followers’ merchants come in is your audience size. It was a factor that bigger audiences contributed to higher relevancy scores and authenticity, supposedly in the belief that if you didn’t post interesting stuff you wouldn’t grow an audience. This gaming of SEO is easily seen through by the engines. It is only real users who click through your accounts, go to your website, read the blog and share your content.

Google looks at real traffic to determine your authenticity & relevancy. So having a million followers who are not engaging will work against your authenticity.

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Next time we’ll have some tips on how you can use your social media to boost your SEO and search rankings.

In the meantime why not get in touch and we can help with your organic SEO.

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