[Twitter] – Do you know the 4 steps to Moments yet?

[Twitter] – Do you know the 4 steps to Moments yet?

Just yesterday there was great excitement as @TwitterDublin announced the launch of Moments in Ireland.


When Twitter originally launched Moments as an independent app it was intended to help Twitter users keep up with what the world is talking about at any given time without having to follow loads of new people or watch trending topics closely.

It was a foolproof way of following a #hashtag to stay current with a story.

With the rollout yesterday Twitter are inviting everyone to take a peek down the rabbit hole at a Wonderland of storytelling potential on their media platform. Twitter says they’re “giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.”

What are Twitter Moments?

Twitter Moments enable users to stitch together multiple tweets into slideshow-like stories. Up until now Moments were carefully curated and organised by a Twitter team in conjunction with a select group of publishing partners (here’s the complex low down on that) but now everyone can become a storyteller in their own right.

Everyone loves a story!! More and more we are seeing brands and business use social media as a way to reinforce their story with features on the back room, the development work that goes into a product or service, the support team and so on.

[bctt tweet=”Twitter Moments now gives you the tool and the platform to create your own story, in your own way.” username=”SquarevMedia”]

How to create your Moments in 4 easy Steps:

  1. Go to the new “Moments” tab on Twitter (it’s the lightning bolt) and click to enter the rabbit hole 🙂
  2. On the right hand side is the option to ‘Create a Moment”. Click this.
  3. The Moment creator tool then suggests you add a title (short & snappy), description (a flavour of what is to come), and cover to your Moment.
  4. Add tweets directly using the tweet’s link. Add content to your Moment and get ready to hit publish!! You can:
  • Choose from tweets you’ve liked (or favourited)
  • Pick tweets from specific accounts
  • Find tweets via a Twitter search
  • Add Tweets directly using the tweet’s link Once you’re happy with the tweets in your Moment and the story you’re telling, it’s time to hit publish and share your Moment with the world.


Check out the video below for a little bit of ‘How-to’ creativity



After this it is up to you to maximise the sharing of your message. Like Tweets you can embed your moments in blog post like this –



This is a bit like Gabriel’s Horn posting a link to a Moment that features the blog post that features the Moment that features the blog about the Momen….. but we don’t do it too often. Sorry!! 🙂

This is a great opportunity for some experimentation. How are you going to make use of Twitter Moments?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in comments or on Twitter: @SquarevMedia .


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